Activision CEO Robert Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3– EA told him to fuck off!

This can be categorised as breaking news. Remember in my last posts when I talked about that kid who wore a Activision badge and wasn’t allowed to play BF3 demo at E3, even though he wasn’t an Activision employee? Well, this new story is even better and takes the cake.

Apparently Kotick’s personal assistant waited in line at the EA booth so she can get a chance to talk to EA guys. She wanted them to give Kotick a hands-on experience with BF3 in their invite-only presentation, you know, play it for a while, afterall he is a CEO of a big major game company. Fat chance, EA said. Her request was denied. The personal assistant put up a small conversational fight before walking away. I wonder what she said.

EA reps were shocked by all this; what did Kotick think? He’s their competition, not to mention the most hated person ever by gamers. That alone should get him banned. Anyway the whole thing is funny, its pretty clear that as a gamer himself he’s been itching to play it after watching the epic gameplay, I don’t believe he wanted to steal ideas or anything. He’s probably jealous of EA/DICE’s technical achievement as well. Serves him right, instead of choosing to advance CoD’s quality he choose to make money of it and take advantage of his loyal fanbase.

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3 Responses to Activision CEO Robert Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3– EA told him to fuck off!

  1. Pete says:

    There really are just two phrases that you can say to this:
    1 – Epic WIN for EA/DICE!
    2 – Oh how the mighty can fall…
    An Activi$ion employee wanting to play their main rival this year? Sounds to me like he’s throwing in the towel. Though, as this is CoD, it’ll be a highly pixelated, 540i towel that floats about through the walls of buildings and doesn’t have any rudimentary physics attached to it…

    • Arkalis says:

      Lol…nice one

    • Infinatex says:


      The current COD games are some of the most responsive and mechanically sound shooters there are. Also using an $ instead of an S does not make you clever… It make you an idiot who can’t understand that companies EXIST TO MAKE MONEY. All in all we have another petty post from someone hating on anything that is too popular.

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