Stargate Universe – EPIC CITY from episode Epilogue

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Even if you are not a stargate fan, you gotta appreciate the editing here as well as the tremendous effort taken by user JaapVSWDelta; he put all the great stargate action from more than 300 episodes all in one video. It’s not everyday you see a fan-made video that looks professionally done. I hope someone hires that dude to make future stargate trailers.

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Best Youtube videos of 2010 Awards!

best Youtube videos of 2010 awards

Here are the best Youtube videos of 2010, its been quiet a year but all these videos deserve the coveted award of youtube something best top coolest thing whatever. Anyway here they are….

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The Ultimate “Susan Coffey” Gallery!

This gallery contains 147 photos.

  Out of all the topics I touched upon in this blog, serious or not, none have gotten so many views as the Susan Coffey post. My first guess was that her name was getting googled by alot of horny … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite rises to new heights!

This is the announcement trailer for the new game. I did not expect this Ill tell you that.

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and its also on youtube, however it might get removed at any time due to copyright infringement:

This trailer first deputed at comic con, It really hasnt done anything for me; looks mediocre to me. call me when theres word on Batman 3. me me me me…

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Stargate Universe season 2 SyFy trailer debut!


MGM hasn’t released their trailer yet, this is the only one right now.

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head over to for all the info: and

and SGU/SGA crossover characters announced!!!

wanna know who? go there:
and here:


Im not gonna spoil it now though.

and Im still waiting for SGU season 2 trailer rumors say it will be up tomorrow on gateworld. 24 hours from now.

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The “Susan Coffey” Internet Phenomena

Susan Coffey

Ever heard of Susan Coffey? If not, then you are as clueless as I was a few weeks ago. She is that cute redhead everyone right now is talking about! The internet totally adores her. From about the start of 2010, she has slowly garnered a large fanbase and no wonder, she looks beautiful.

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“INCEPTION” movie (Best Movie of the Year) opens this this Friday!!!

There are no words to describe my excitement for this movie. Directed by the genius who bought us The Dark Knight and Insomnia; Christopher Nolan  has yet to make a bad movie, heck he has yet to make a movie that is short of a masterpiece. Right now, hes the new Spielberg, and ever since Memento, his earliest movie, I knew this guy will come to do great things. He also changed the way superhero movies are told on film. So this movie is already a guaranteed game breaker. Now to sweeten the deal…Leo DiCaprio is the protagonist in this pseudo-heist film.

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Could “End of Nations” be the next World in Conflict?

New development diary trailer from Petroglyph Games shows off their new baby – “End of Nations”; contentious title for  a game that lets you roll out tanks to shoot other tanks. Anyway, its by Petroglyph Games! they are the guys from Westwood who did the old Red Alert games, they formed their own company after EA took over… well everything. I wasn’t too fond of their last game, Universe at War. but I still got hope, they are pretty much still dedicated to making a good RTS game, this time its the first ever MMORTS.

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Top 8 Coolest youtube videos of the week!

Here are the top youtube videos that appeared this week, all of which were funny and memorable and deserve a mention. Nearly all of them are popular so its not like I unearthed some unknown gem but just in case you were busy with stuff this past 2 weeks, here you can find the best of what you missed.

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