Avengers posters from Comic Con

I’m not crazy about black widow, she was one of the many fail factors that brought down Iron Man 2. Individually, they are all very weak tired characters at least that’s what their movies proved, as Thor was ridiculous concept from the start while Iron Man turned into a goofball. It will have to rely on Hulk and maybe Captain America. None of them holds a candle to Nolan’s Batman. But even before Nolan, Batman was always unbeatable in popularity and everyone saw him as a legitimate superhero. Him and Superman. I imagine if they ever decide to do a proper Justice League, it will impress much more than the underwhelming effort by Marvel with Avengers so far.

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1 Response to Avengers posters from Comic Con

  1. guntom says:

    When I went to comic con I didn’t see these. I acutely saw the originals of these at a gallery in Los angles. You didn’t get to go to either. Haha Sucks to be you.

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