Get ready for the Battlefield 3 book by Andy McNab!

Battlefield 3 might be getting some kind of book deal in the works, could be a simple behind the scenes concept art book or the book version of the game. Chances are it’s the latter. The exact details on what this book project is can not be known now but I can surmise from usual past video game books that it will have the storyline from the game explored indepth in novel form, and maybe even a sequel of the storyline; can’t tell for sure yet. It could just end up being a guide book or companion book about the realities of war with special comments from Andy McNab. What I’m sure of though, is Andy McNab being the author or co-author as indicated by Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Earlier I reported on the news of McNab contributing to the making of Battlefield 3 by giving them advise on all things military related and motion capture, which was cool to know but having McNab be the author of Battlefield 3 book was completely unexpected! That’s if it’s true that is.
While Andy McNab showed interest in the past in having video games based on his books, this seems unusual and quite surprising, since Battlefield 3 was never promoted as an Andy McNab story. Anyway it’s best to wait for someone sort of official announcement, so this bit of news should be taken as a rumor until then. Amazon has the book ready for release on October 25, 2011 roughly the same time as the game itself. I hope it’s not a guide book, and that it’s an actual novel.

UPDATE: Gamespot confirms it as an actual novel. How the hell did the Battlefield franchise go from a multiplayer only game to a novelized Single-player one I don’t know. Strange part is Andy McNab being the author, the ex-SAS guy who had Sean Bean play him in a movie once. Strange strange strange, that’s all I can see.

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