Why are there Satanic Symbols in Battlefield 3?

satanic symbol in battlefield 3

War is hell

What is that a satanic symbol I see? A pentagram could mean many things nonetheless it’s most identified with devil worship and the road lines forming it are in the middle surrounded by burning oilfields which just screams allusion to hell. The unusual yet recognisably obvious placement in the game not to mention the presentation at E3 could not be mere coincidence. The image above is taken from E3 trailer. Is DICE messing with us by putting subliminal messages of devil worship or is it part of the game’s story? I have theories of my own but right now I will just let you decide for yourself!

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3 Responses to Why are there Satanic Symbols in Battlefield 3?

  1. Giorox says:

    Stop trying to find every little thing in anything and everything, it’s not satanic, the frostbite engine does not script events such as ground features the same way every time, those lines are randomly genereated, depending on what happened.

  2. LiveWire11C says:

    It is probably based on the Soviet practice of creating a “Star of David” for their Anti-Aircraft sites. Here are some examples from the Cuban Missile Crisis. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/nsa/cuba_mis_cri/photos.htm

  3. satan says:

    its not even a pentagram its the wrong way up its a pentacle from that angle and going by it doesn’t have any of the writing around it

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