Respawn Entertainment reveal their first game… sort of

Respawn Entertainment, the newly formed game development studio headed by former Call of Duty developers has just launched their new website. Long story short, they were the guys responsible for all the Call of Duty games before Activision gave them the boot in 2010. Now working for EA, they plan to strike back with an awesome game title that we have yet to see. The gaming community is eagerly awaiting any announcement concerning their first game, today we are just one step closer to getting a first look. That blurry picture along with another absurd one from their website are our only clue as to what game they are working on. What do you see? Is it a fantasy world full of castles and ruins? Could it be an alien planet?

Now after playing around with the picture I got this far:

Looks more and more like some factory or ranch kind of thing. There are wood walkway bridges at the bottom yet I see no water, it reminds me of vietnam war environment with mud water. The original photo shows a dark and cloudy atmosphere. The mountains and green field could be hint of a European or Asian location so it’s definitely not a western. It could be set on an island, I’m leaning on that. That factory or house, actually has a water tower or it could be a guard tower. And there is something busy happening on the roof, very odd shape, almost like a billboard or a satellite dish. There’s also a bunch of what I think are radio towers and there is a clear path paved out in the green field suggesting some kind of vehicle transport. The hanger door is where it starts. As for that structure in the foreground, I can only assume it’s ancient castle; could be dracula’s castle for all I know. Also is it just me or is there a human figure at the top of that structure on the balcony?

This is the other picture from the site which doesn’t tell us much:

The word “Down” or “Domn” could be significant, a google search leads me to “Domnus” and “Domnintor” which are latin words for Mister or Sir. Domintor is a King’s title derived from Domn, which means lord or ruler in Romanian language. What if this game was really about Dracula? And the image could be of a gun barrel but seeing the white pipe tube thing makes me think different; clearly it’s supposed to go through the metal hole. Is it a weapon or armour? Strong chance of steampunk elements as we have a factory or hanger and ruins. Alien technology is not out of the question, how does it blend in with the human made hanger is anyone’s guess.

Check their awesome website and be on the look out for more clues in the times ahead.

It’s been confirmed that they are working on a sci-fi shooter but if I had to speculate right now, I would say it’s either set in an alien world, an island, or you play as a modern day Vlad the Impaler. What would really be cool is if it’s set in an orbital, a mega-structure and it’s actually a space settlement that has relatively primitive humans; people who aren’t advanced enough to figure out they are on an alien run space station and not on an actual planet. Something close to this sci-fi concept:

Could it be a space colony?

Whatever it is I can’t wait to see it.

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