Hate the new Final Cut Pro X? Try Sony Vegas…

If you came across news about the controversy surrounding the new Final Cut Pro and you wondered to yourself “why is this making mainstream news”? Well join the club, it appears now everything that is apple related even if it doesn’t affect the masses it nonetheless is expected to make the headlines. That’s what you get for creating a worldwide cult based on a indoctrinating marketing hype.

The backlash over Apple’s new direction for the much beloved editing tool has spewed uncontrollably all over web; with editing professionals expressing their disbelief at how Apple dismissed their “pro” workspace needs in exchange for a featureless “iMovie” equivalent; one that could be geared for the ipad market. Or so is their perception of it anyway. The reality is most features are still in tact from the previous versions but have instead been remodelled to work differently and one would have to relearn how to work them. Not good news to professionals who depended on FCP for years and now being told to get used to a whole new system. There are vital features however Apple has surprisingly removed like the multicam editing, what were they thinking? According to New York Times article, Apple said they plan to add it again in patches. Classy of them don’t you think?
My distaste for anything Apple is clear as day. And their editing software is no exception, but I think the pro editing community protest too much. What I gather, Apple wanted to rewrite the FCP from the ground up so it can transition it to the next phase and allowing more innovative improvements in the future. Accept the changes, that’s what an upgrade is, an improvement. From what I read about the new features and changes, their heart is in the right place and they seem sound overall. If anything they might finally catch up to Sony Vegas standards. But why did they feel the need to release a half baked dumber version of the product? Beats me. You can read for yourself all the misconceptions being addressed here: http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/23/professional-video-editors-weigh-in-on-final-cut-pro-x/

Now if you really feel FCP is not good for you any more, well you might be doing yourself a favor by using something like Sony Vegas instead. It’s a lesser known editing software, but it in my view is much functional than anything else I used. Some think of it as the best kept secret. It’s an awesome software that gives you a bazillion rendering choices and it’s amazing what you can do with it.

It sports a fun to play with layout that is more convenient in my opinion, it’s the firefox of editing softwares, customise the layout any way you want and the ability to drag out the color correction windows for instance and pop them in again. You can never lose your unsaved work as it has a robust recovery system. Overall, it might not look fancy but it’s light and versatile with a ton of capabilities under the hood. The industry should be using it, not Final Cut or Avid stuff. The trial version can be found here: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegassoftware

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1 Response to Hate the new Final Cut Pro X? Try Sony Vegas…

  1. LM says:

    Anyone that doesn’t like the new fcpx will not like sony vegas. Actually, the new fcpx has adopted many functions that have been available in Vegas since day one. I love the new fcpx as Sony Vegas has been ahead of the curve for years when it comes to flexibility in the timeline editing.

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