MSNBC thinks Battlefield 3 is a clear winner

BF3 is a refreshing change in the genre and the media are embracing it fully. Well, except for this guy but he’s clearly suffering from CoD fanboy syndrome.

Will all this translate to sales? It will be the most sold Battlefield game, and will take a good portion from CoD market share. Highly doubt it will be able to top CoD, but if it did, it will change the gaming industry in its entirety that is if it hadn’t already as it undoes the CoD effect. PC market will be taken more seriously and quality games will take precedence. Games on rails or “interactive movies” will diminish as realism and non-scripted games become a pinnacle attributes for the next generation games. That’s what we hope for anyway, and it all depends on how well DICE does with BF3 financially and also how steadfast their core principles are.

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