“X-Men First Class” paid Youtube to get millions of fake views?

The evidence supporting this claim is surprisingly solid. A TV trailer of X-men First Class movie is right now the Most Viewed video on youtube with more than 2 million view count. Problem is, it got less than a thousand likes/dislikes and very low activity in the comment section. Not only that, normally such high views would be generated from external sites featuring it such as facebook and when looking at its statistics it becomes clear those millions of views came out of no where. The video, I’m told by youtubers who were there from the beginning, was uploaded with a million views under its belt and more views got added from it being in the Most Viewed category. Usually with such numbers you would see thousands of comments and likes/dislikes, no such thing here, just 200 comments. Not only this, the users who first revealed this embarrassing truth have had their comments deleted. This could only mean one thing and it doesn’t bring me comfort knowing how much of a sell out Youtube has become.

Now of course it’s not good to jump into conclusions, there could be an explanation we don’t know about. One could be the video getting views of another website while it had viewer interaction features locked until recently, although statistics page would’ve indicated this if it were true.

Yotube page statistics

Hope they give us some real explanation soon or else Youtube will lose some respect. Fake views should not be the business they offer. Like one youtuber (SkylarRuloff) said: “you shouldn’t be able to buy views. earn them like everyone else does.”

In case you’re wondering, here is the video in question:


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