1. guntom says:

    maybe you should post an article on how to get a girl friend and then follow that article

    • Franklin says:

      Wow. You’re a dick. Why don’t you take your crappy attitude away from the Stargate fan who posted this article and give it to someone that deserves it? So what if he’s a Stargate fan? Doesn’t give you the right to be a douche bag

  2. Dave says:

    Only real issue i have with the above is point 4, your suggested plotlines have been essentially done, both in season 8: Anubis using all the gates along with the ancient device on da’kara (sp) to try and wipe out all life, and the season finale with the team travelling back and being stranded in Egypt at the time of the uprising against Ra, while not exactly the same they are rather similar

    Oh and boo on changing characters, in terms of a movie i understand and accept your point but as a fan Stargate is Stargate with jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c :o)

    • Shawarun says:

      You are right, my proposed story is way too similar to SG-1 episodes already done. I could of course think about a really original one somehow but it wasn’t really my intention in the first place not to mention time consuming, I just wanted to illustrate what kind of stories would work for such a movie. I do think Stargate has a better chance at success as a cinematic movie than a TV show on Syfy. I’m also a fan of SG-1 characters but you know how it is.

  3. CaptainXenu says:

    The plotline suggested in part 4 is essentially Avatar… and you want this Stargate movie to be in 3D. My suggestion is you go and see Avatar in 3D.

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  5. Dragonis says:

    Heres a plotline… in a treaty meeting between the Jaffa and tok’ra on earth. somethhing goes wrong, differences can’t be resolved and they due to goa’uld spies within their ranks they turn on their human hosts. the fight spills outside of stargate command (wherever that may be now) and the world becomes aware of their existence. jack is at homeworld command, sam is on the hammond, teal’c is offworld and comes via ship and daniel is off visiting jonas or something and has to get back to help contain the situation. pure anarchy on earth.

  6. David Hunter says:

    I like Dragonis’ idea. :)

  7. alien0 says:

    “This is the dream Stargate fans have been wishing for ever since they got hooked on the subsequent TV shows”

    “First, it should follow a “fantasy movie” formula rather than a sci-fi one. That way it would be more about characters having adventure without bogging down the movie with talks of advanced technology and science.”

    WOWOWOWOWoo.. stop for a second! NO SG-FAN dreams about that.
    look what’s happening to sgu, huh? it`s going down like a rock and will probably won’t
    even live to see a season 3, btw…LOL!
    because of people (TPTB) who make up their concept in their own little bubble without
    thinking for a second what made the sg-universe successful.

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