Could “End of Nations” be the next World in Conflict?

New development diary trailer from Petroglyph Games shows off their new baby – “End of Nations”; contentious title for  a game that lets you roll out tanks to shoot other tanks. Anyway, its by Petroglyph Games! they are the guys from Westwood who did the old Red Alert games, they formed their own company after EA took over… well everything. I wasn’t too fond of their last game, Universe at War. but I still got hope, they are pretty much still dedicated to making a good RTS game, this time its the first ever MMORTS.

End of Nations could very well be the spiritual successor of World in Conflict game that let you pan through the battlefield and literally ‘get into the action” by moving the camera around; watching the action from the soldier’s point of view. I also remember it having really cool realistic smoke effects and explosions. Other than that, it was tame at best. Whats unique about this one though, is that from the looks of it, it borrows that free-camera aspect and combining it with classic goofy RTS style like in Red Alert. When I first saw the trailer though, what first came to mind is Command & Conquer Generals. Who knows, this could be the sequel to Generals we’ve been waiting for. I’m curious to see what they mean by Massive Multilayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS).

From the trailers, the graphics dont look that great, but its understandable considering how ambitious the game is. Huge maps with more than 40 players is kind of overkill but I can’t judge till I see for myself or wait for reviews to pop up, sometime in 2011 maybe when the game gets released. Heres an earlier trailer without the commentary displaying the mayhem the game promises; to me it looks like one massive orgy of tanks, I wish they incorporated a diverse variety of vehicles or aircrafts. The tank designs here dont look that interesting and what happened to foot soldiers?

End of Nations unveil game trailer:

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