Top 8 Coolest youtube videos of the week!

Here are the top youtube videos that appeared this week, all of which were funny and memorable and deserve a mention. Nearly all of them are popular so its not like I unearthed some unknown gem but just in case you were busy with stuff this past 2 weeks, here you can find the best of what you missed.

8. The Onion a satirical news network are known for their funny online articles but they also make alot of funny videos as well. here is one about Twilight and Al-Qaeda.


7. This video is also by The Onion, its an ad for a new service they are providing called Future News, apparently made possible by a new wormhole satellite., what dont believe me?


6. How Lost Should Have Ended, speaks for itself.


5. A Twilight parody, not that special but it makes you wonder how “watchable” Twilight couldve been if it only had lesbian vampires.


4. whether this is funny or not, one thing cant be denied about it; its weird. and it also confirms that soldiers arent robots who are sent to wars.


3. Make Love Not Porn, a long speech by a hilarious woman about bedroom etiquette. warning you will be shocked.


2. Another one of those Hitler videos, this time its about the world cup.


1. Best video of the week!  very funny and very insightful. in a way half of it is a kind of a parody of all those youtube make-up videos that started being popularized as of late, and the other half is mocking young women’s tendency to hide their faces behind make-up. must watch.


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